Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family

Documentary | January 2019 (UK) © BBC

During his appearance on Who Do You Think You Are? Danny Dyer discovered he was descended from King Edward III, but in this two-part series Danny uncovers a bigger family tree with even more royal and aristocratic ancestors.

Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family (2019) Full Movie Free Online


Episode 1

He first meets a historian (“geezer called Anthony”) who tells him that he can trace his history back through Louis IX, Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine and William the Conqueror to the Viking king Rollo. Danny is delighted – “He’s livened me right up!” – so off to Scandinavia we speed. There, Danny takes part in a battle re-enactment in period dress and unremarkable headgear (“’Orns were a myff,” he explains), eats a Viking meal of axe-split sheep’s head, shark meat and whey and, after a brief rush to the khazi, listens to a lecture on Rollo’s warrior credentials from “clever Scandinavian geezer” Dr Søren Sindbæk.


Episode 2

30 January 2019. In this episode, Danny's first stop is Edward II and his French wife Isabella whose lives, to Danny's delight, play out like a medieval soap opera. As Danny romps through his family tree he dons 14th-century armour and learns to fight like his 19-times-great-grandfather, famous medieval knight Henry Hotspur Percy. To get closer to his Tudor ancestors Danny brushes up on his etiquette by learning to sing and dance just like one of Henry VIII's courtiers. And finally, Danny gets his hands on a ruff when his own family, in all their Tudor finery, join him at an Elizabethan sugar banquet.




resenter Danny Dyer
Director of photography Joe Taylor
Photographer Jack Coathupe
Photographer Richard O'Brien
Sound Sam Diamond
Graphic Designer Keith Robinson
Production Company Joint
On-line editing Tom Knowles
Re-recording mixer Wid
Hairdresser Lauren Alice Buck
Makeup Artist Lauren Alice Buck
Costume designer Mark Ferguson
Costume designer Charlotte Sewell
Production Designer Stephen Bryce
Production Designer Rupert Tucker
Production Assistant Jared Peysner
Production Coordinator Olivia Wood
Participant Sara Khan
Archive Source Debbie Townsend
Production Manager Nicola King
Executive Producer Louise Murray
Researcher Katie Bryant
Researcher Meltem Kamalvand
Assistant Producer Rebecca Fairbank
Assistant Producer Jessie Potts
Film Editor Tim Thompsett
Film Editor Gordon Mason
Executive Producer Colette Flight
Series Producer Anna Kirkwood
Director Sue Hills
Production Company Wall to Wall Media
Participant Elizabeth Kyle


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