The Herons of Watford’s Cassiobury Park in Hertfordshire


Herons have long legs with particularly long toes, useful when wading on soft mud.

Their wings are broad and rounded, often markedly bowed in flight, and they all have long sinuous necks and dagger-shaped bills.

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Little egret

The little egret is a small white heron with attractive white plumes on crest, back and chest, black legs and bill and yellow feet. It first appeared in the UK in significant numbers in 1989

The little egret is a recent colonist, and is most common along the south and east coasts of England and in Wales.

Grey heron

Grey herons are unmistakeable: tall, with long legs, a long beak and grey, black and white feathering. They can stand with their neck stretched out, looking for food, or hunched down with their neck bent over their chest.

Little Egret, Cassiobury Park Nature Reserve
If you are lucky you might spot the Kingfisher