The State of Life Inside London’s Prisons Full Documentary


A men’s prison in south-west London has been deemed “unsafe and inhumane”, a watchdog report has warned.

HMP Wandsworth has seen “no real progress” in the past year and reflects “the failures of the prison system as a whole”, its Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) said.

It reported that assaults had risen by more than 20%, including assaults on staff. 524 assaults on prisoners by prisoners, 301 were referred to the police.

According to the report, over the reporting year from June 1 2022 to May 31 2023, despite repeatedly lacking hot water and heating during the winter months, only cosmetic changes occurred and the prison accommodation remained inhumane and unfit for purpose.

In two wings of the prison, there were only 11 shower stalls for 265 men, a situation the report called appalling, unhygienic and unacceptable.

The documentary features interviews with inmates, staff, and experts, as well as exclusive footage from inside the prison. It is a powerful and disturbing film that raises important questions about the UK’s prison system.

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