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When Travellers and their Caravans were a problem in Watford

Travellers Caravans invade a Children’s Football Pitch 2016


On 1st August 2016, Several Caravans break onto the area, Police managed to move the Travelers on, but for them to only return back in larger numbers just a few hours later.

On 30th August, Leggatts Green Park was Targeted by Fly Tippers ruining the aesthetics of area. Which cost £7,000 to be cleared up said Mr Peach.

Bushey / Oxhey Park 2016

On 12 August 2016, During the departure of the travellers’ vehicles and caravans from Oxhey Park in Watford, a female resident expressed her frustration towards them by shouting “You Scum” as they left behind boxes of rubbish. This incident was captured on video as the caravans left the green and headed onto Eastbury Road.

Subsequently, a small clean-up operation was required, and our partners Veolia were able to restore the area to its previous state.

An Iron fence was later put up around the area to prevent future recurrences.

Travellers pitched up in ASDA car park 2017

On 24 January 2017, Six caravans and open-back trucks came to ASDA and have taken over one corner of the car park. Just steps away from Family’s going shopping.

Security staff report that if they are there tomorrow then bailiffs will be involved.

The next day Travellers also hit Rickmansworth Tesco Car park. Others had also tried to set up camp at a School, but were moved on by police and then took refuge at Tolpits lane industrial site.

Big Scale Rubbish fly tipping at Travellers Camp 2017

the video was taken by a Neighbour / WatNews)

On 3rd March 2017, The presence of the travellers who set up camp where the Bill Everette centre used to be is causing distress to the local residents. The area became a dumping ground for large amounts of rubbish which posed a threat to public health and safety.

The residents are hesitant to confront the travellers and are living in fear. The stench emanating from the site is a major concern and the authorities were urged to take immediate action.

The police attended the area adjacent to North Western Avenue in Watford at around 9:30 pm, but there was nothing they could do.

Fridges, Car Tyreers, Metal fencing, and everything but the kitchen sink.

About a week later, the council were soon to take eviction enforcement action and was at the site before 3pm, but the travellers left hours before, leaving the issue of an intense cleaning up of the site. The Travellers got away leaving devastation.

even left a wrecked caravan believed to be stolen

Travellers Take Over Watford Car Park: Police Cops Take Action 2018


On 7th April 2018, a group of Travellers occupied a car park in North Watford with a dozen caravans, prompting a police response. The Timberlake Car park on Radlett Road, adjacent to the Rugby Club and Balmoral Business estate, was filled with caravans when police arrived at 2:30pm.

In the video, the Travellers were seen attempting to move one of the caravans, but the reasons for doing so remain unclear. Despite the situation, the police were friendly and took details of the vehicles before departing at 4pm, bidding farewell with a handshake and a wave.

We also flew our drone over to capture a bird’s eye view from above. (original article)


The Government carried out an extensive public consultation in 2018, looking at the powers for dealing with unauthorised encampments and developments.

Sections 61 and 62 of the 1994 Act provide the police with two powers to remove unauthorised encampments where there are two or more persons are trespassing on land with the purpose of residing there

Section 62A of the 1994 Act also allows the police to direct trespassers to remove themselves and their vehicles and property from the land where a suitable pitch on a relevant caravan site is available.

Local authorities can use their powers to evict unauthorised encampments under sections 77 and 78 of the 1994 Act.

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