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Music Festival

Huge Crowds packed Croxfest Music Festival 2022

Croxfest is a free yearly music festival in Croxley Green held on The Green in September.

Video clip of a packed audience with final band of the night
  • Music Festival
  • Music Festival
  • Music Festival

At 4pm we encountered a local came to complain about the loudness of the noise, the organiser said “the man lived a mile away!!!” Do you live in the area and have issues with the noise?.

The bands

Music Festival
Delorean wowed the crowd at croxfest 2022 (snip from video by WatfordMedia),

Delorean wowed the crowd who sang along to classic covers such as Queen, Bon Jovi, Guns n’ Roses – And many, many more!!

Music Festival
Glassminds on stage at Croxfest (photos by WatfordMedia)
Glassminds Video on stage at Croxfest

Glassminds, an Alt-Rock 6-piece from Hertfordshire, UK.

Music Festival
Nkomba on stage at croxfest (photos by WatfordMedia)

London Musicisians Nkomba play Malawian folk music with a contemporary twist.

Music Festival
Groove Generation performance at croxfest 2022

Our Instagram was updated live with videos

Music Festival
Swan vesta Social Club

photos by Wrush of WatfordMedia

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