Hertfordshire Council Faces £46m Deficit: Reserves Tapped, Services Squeezed, and Taxes Up 5%


Hertfordshire Council Faces £46m Deficit: Reserves Tapped, Services Squeezed, and Taxes Up 5%

Hertfordshire County Council is grappling with financial challenges, proposing £46 million in cuts and a 4.99% council tax hike for the next year.

Hertfordshire County Council braces for a challenging financial year, juggling rising costs and service demands with a £46 million budget gap. Balancing the books requires a multi-pronged approach: tapping into reserves, implementing savings measures, and raising council tax 4.99% (two-thirds specifically for vital social care).

Despite years of sound budgeting, Hertfordshire now faces reality: increased need for services like adult social care (consuming nearly half the budget) and children’s services (a quarter) collides with rising costs. To bridge the gap, the council plans to:

  • Dip into reserves: £13 million will be drawn to help balance the budget and maintain services.
  • Focus on efficiency: An “ambitious savings program” of £46 million aims to streamline operations and find cost-cutting opportunities.
  • Increase council tax: A 4.99% rise, with emphasis on social care funding, will be proposed to the council on February 13th.

However, the council isn’t solely focused on cuts. Investments aim to improve key areas:

  • Social care: £31 million boost will support care providers and increase worker pay, addressing a vital sector facing immense pressure.
  • Children’s services: £18 million in additional funding helps protect vulnerable children, including those with disabilities, and strengthens the SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) program, which recently received a concerning low rating from inspectors.
  • Highways and transport: £80 million commitment includes ongoing improvement initiatives like vegetation clearing, signage maintenance, and road repairs. An additional £19 million capital investment over two years aims to further modernize the transport network.
  • Fire stations: £2.7 million capital investment enhances essential emergency facilities.
Council leader Richard Roberts (image HERTFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL)

Council leader Richard Roberts acknowledges the challenges but emphasizes their commitment to responsible budgeting and service delivery: “We’ll continue lobbying for additional funding, particularly for SEND, but we’ll also strive to be efficient and alleviate the tax burden.”

While Hertfordshire navigates financial constraints, their efforts prioritize crucial services and infrastructure investments. Balancing the budget will be a delicate act, but the council’s multi-faceted approach demonstrates a commitment to public well-being in the face of fiscal hurdles.

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