Ofsted Recognises Challenges Faced by Schools with RAAC in 2024

Hertfordshire Schools Affected by RAAC named

Ofsted Recognises Challenges Faced by Schools with RAAC in 2024

The ongoing situation with Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) in some school buildings remains a concern for Ofsted, the education watchdog in England has prompted Ofsted to update its inspection guidance.

While prioritizing the safety of students and staff, Ofsted acknowledges the disruption caused by RAAC and offers support to affected schools.

Here’s a summary of the key points from Ofsted’s statement:

  • Deferral of Inspections: Schools confirmed to have RAAC in their buildings are eligible for Ofsted inspections during the summer term 2024. However, the presence of RAAC is considered sufficient grounds to defer the inspection if the school chooses to do so. This extends a similar approach taken during the spring term.
  • Acknowledging Challenges: Ofsted recognizes the challenges faced by schools due to RAAC, including potential disruption to learning and staff workload. They aim to be supportive during this time.
  • Schools Without Confirmed RAAC: Schools that haven’t confirmed RAAC but might be impacted, for example, by hosting pupils from affected schools, can also request an inspection deferral. Ofsted will consider such requests carefully.
  • Right to Inspect: Ofsted retains the right to inspect any educational setting, including those with RAAC, if they have specific concerns about student well-being or educational quality.

Additional Resources:

Overall, Ofsted aims to balance the need for school inspections with the challenges faced by schools impacted by RAAC. They offer schools flexibility in scheduling inspections while prioritising the safety and well-being of the school community.

In September 2023, the UK Government announced they would remove all schools included in the Department for Education’s published list of education settings affected by RAAC from our autumn term inspection schedule.

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