A video of Vicarage Road Closure shows many drivers caught out

Road Closure

A video of Vicarage Road Closure shows many drivers caught out

Cars Trucks and Vans keep Turning around because something is not right

Complaints about the signage being inadequate.

Many drivers continued until it was too late!!

Road Closure
A Crane Operator has a birds eye view of the turmoil below😂

NHS staff on their breaks found it hilarious.

A major road in Watford is closed for more than three weeks in both directions during all hours.

Thames Water says it is carrying out planned work to repair a sewer pipe in Vicarage Road.

A Thames water sign on the day showed an end date of the 26th.

Road Closure
One frustrated driver drives through a No Entry one way street the wrong way, and cars nearly collide.

More than one car had been spotted going up the No Entry road.

West Watford county councillor Nigel Bell says he has received complaints about “lines of vehicles” heading down Oxford Street to bypass the closure, and believes the street should be temporarily restricted to use for access only.

Road Closure

Many drivers continued were hoping to pass through Occupation Rd, Watford WD18 0DJ, but were unable because Watford FC had blocked it off as they were still dismantling the Elton John concert stage from the weekend.

Road Closure
Security instructed to put barrier across public road.

We have contacted Watford FC for a comment after several security have claimed it is a private road. We double checked and Watford Council confirmed this is a public road and not private.

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