Between the Lines: USA Photojournalism in the Crossfire


Between the Lines: USA Photojournalism in the Crossfire

With the media under fire like no other time in history, photojournalists risked assault from all sides as they documented the protests in Portland, Oregon following the death of George Floyd and continuing for over 150 days as violent civil unrest.

Clashes between Antifa factions and armed Right Wing groups, Federal officers sent by President Trump in an inflamed city and the journalists were there with their cameras to capture a sliver of truth.

This director, a photojournalist herself, discusses with these visual journalists the dangers and shift in the media paradigm they face when they hit the streets night after night, wearing gas masks and bullet proof vests, pushing ever closer. With intense aggregated live footage as well as powerful imagery from these storytellers, we see a glimpse into the life of a photojournalist in the crossfire.

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