London PC is Britain’s Strongest Woman breaking Guinness World Record on Blue Peter


London PC is Britain’s Strongest Woman breaking Guinness World Record on Blue Peter

PC Lucy Underdown, a Metropolitan Police officer who also holds the title of Britain’s strongest woman, recently set a new Guinness World Record on the show Blue Peter.


PC Underdown’s Guinness World Record attempt was broadcast on Blue Peter on CBBC on Friday, 12 February.

She made history by becoming the first woman to lift a 318kg/700lb bar, setting a new world record. She is now aiming to break this record by the end of the year.


She was tasked with carrying two show hosts on a yoke, which weighed over 200kg, and had to pull it for a distance of 50m in less than 90 seconds. PC Underdown, who serves in the southeast of London, not only completed the task in roughly 34 seconds, but she also managed to pull a car, earning herself a coveted Blue Peter badge.

Lucy said: “I have always loved sports and always wanted to be in the PE department. I played netball, lacrosse… anything that was going. I started discus throwing when I was a teenager and ended up competing, with my poor mum and dad having to drive me to sports fields all over the country.

She added: “It’s a childhood dream to get a badge. I don’t normally talk about myself so going on Blue Peter was very surreal. I had so much fun.

“I couldn’t make my mind up what I wanted more – the Guinness World Record or the badge, and I was determined to get both! I had so much fun and was so grateful they wanted me to take part.”

PC Underdown joined the Met ten years ago and started weightlifting two years into her service. She now competes globally, attracting audiences as she demonstrates her strength. She had the opportunity to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Classic in Ohio, USA, where thousands of spectators watched her participate in the intense challenges.

“I thought I would become a PE teacher, but I always liked the idea of policing. I want to give back, and I want be first on scene to try and help people. When I heard the Met was recruiting I thought that’s it, I’m doing it. I was so excited to join, I love the job.

“When I joined the Met I used the gym to de-stress and ended up using one where lots of weight lifting contenders train. I wasn’t really interested in competing but they persuaded me to take part and I ended up giving it a go.

“I came second in my first competition, realised I was quite good at it, and it’s never really stopped. I think of it as a hobby that’s got out of control!”

Lucy’s borough commander, Chief Superintendent Trevor Lawry, said: “All of us are so proud of Lucy, she’s a credit to the Met.

“She’s dedicated to her work and pulls out all the stops to help people, so for her to be breaking world records when she’s not doing her job makes her achievements even more impressive.”

Lucy Underdown – Image credit @lucyunders_strongwoman Instagram

PC Lucy Underdown has broken the Deadlift World Record of 318 kilograms (701 pounds), the first woman to achieve that feat.

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