Cat burglar caught on video shared on social media

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Cat burglar caught on video shared on social media

A eagle-eyed man spotted the thief and managed to capture on video, after items had gone missing from neighbours.

An item recovered was this white glove. (image: H Loyd)

Comments started to flood in: “You have a freemason or a snooker referee living local looking for his missing glove” “or maybe Michael Jackson never really died”

The culprit had been sneaking into people’s gardens and taking away clothing.

“Is this the mysterious cat burglar everyone has been talking about rampaging Watford. 😅🤣😂”

the culprit caught red pawed (credit: H Loyd)

The thief in fact was a Pet cat.

The owner said “this is a bit weird.. but my cat has been stealing peoples clothes from their garden and I’m not sure who’s they are. I felt a bit silly knocking on peoples doors but if any of these are yours you are more than welcome to have them back!”

Anyone missing a Batman T-shirt or a pair of socks (image: H Loyd)

“I thought it was funny. The video is amazing.. and the matching sock’s , wow, the cat should get a medal for that 🏅 even my kids can’t get that right 🤣”

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