Coronavirus Emergency in Watford Hospital and Park

coronavirus emergency

Coronavirus Emergency in Watford Hospital and Park

The Hospital declared a critical Emergency incident and problems with its oxygen equipment.

Sunday update: The critical incident has been stood down and doors are again open!

Watford General thanked neighbouring hospitals, the police and the ambulance service for their support.

Issues were resolved and a safe level of oxygen was maintained throughout the duration of the incident.

Deputy chief executive Helen Brown said: “We know that our NHS colleagues and the police are exceptionally busy at the moment, but this didn’t stop them stepping in to help. They were quick to respond and together – as one team – we kept our site and our patients safe.”

Earlier today at 4:45pm a Red Essex & Herts Emergency Rescue Helicopter landed, followed at 4:55pm by a yellow East Air Ambulance which landed at the same location in Watford, Hertforddshire.

coronavirus emergency

“A small number of patients were being transferred to other hospitals in the area, with each patient being fully assessed in line with existing safety guidelines before they are moved,” a West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust spokesman said.     People are told to stay away even in an emergency as they are running out of oxygen. Police blocked entrances on Vicarage Road, and Thomas Sawyers Way.

Watford’s Mayor Peter Taylor tweeted “NHS staff are working incredibly hard. They must have the right equipment to win the battle against Coronavirus. It is shocking that we have reached the stage were Watford General has had to close because their oxygen equipment is not good enough. This must be fixed immediately”

In partnership with local councils and trusts, officers in Watford have closed off various car parks.

⚠️ Watford Police / Herts Police have closed Cassiobury Car Park (Gade Avenue) since this morning for the weekend.
The car park was full today, making social distancing very difficult and people travelling to the park were putting other people at risk. Please do NOT drive to any parks in Watford, only use those local to you.

🙏 PLEASE Stay at Home, Protect the NHS  37 people of the 637 died of the Deadly Disease in Hertfordshire.

Meanwhile 100s of selfish idiots flock to Cassiobury Park to PICNIC!

Other Car Parks closed: Rickmansworth Aquadrome, Leavesden Country Park.

Daily deaths jump by 708 – including UK’s youngest victim aged five, taking the UK’s total to 4,313.

Global infections topped over one million this week.Covid-19 coronavirus deaths cases infected

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[…] Coronavirus Emergency in Watford Hospital and Park […]

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