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Dominic Cummings exposes total chaos in Downing Street during pandemic at Covid Inquiry

Dominic Cummings was in front of the Covid Inquiry this afternoon, where he let rip on Boris Johnson, Carrie Johnson, civil servants and particularly Matt Hancock.

The whole video below shows the shocking whatsapp messages made by politicians and so called experts and more.

The final WhatsApp message between Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings has been revealed at the COVID Inquiry.

The messages show that Mr Cummings blocked his former boss on WhatsApp in March 2021 – shortly before he appeared in front of a committee of MPs for the first time since leaving Downing Street.

The inquiry has heard in recent days how then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other key figures inside Downing Street grappled with the size of the challenge facing the government between January and March 2020.

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