Experts predict space hotels and drone taxis by 2069

Experts predict aquatic highways, air taxis & space hotels in 50 years’ time

Experts predict space hotels and drone taxis by 2069

Six of Britain’s leading academics and futurists come together for the first time and created a mind-blowing version of the future in 50 years’ time.

 Guests at Samsung KX can discover new concept tech never before seen in Europe, such as the Digital Cockpit connected ‘car’ and standout innovations such as Screenmax, the world’s first vertical 10-metre-wide vertically curved Samsung LED screen.

The research was commissioned to mark the launch of Samsung KX, a new experience space in Coal Drops Yard, London.

Aquatic superhighways: A subsonic tube transport system will be created as a sealed tube system that is travelled using pods, enabling connections between the UK and mainland Europe as far as Scandinavia in under an hour

• Air taxis and buses: We’ll be stepping into the nearest available ‘air taxi’ as a high-power drone-copter will fly us above the traffic to speed us to our destination, using the airspace above rivers and waterways for a clear route through the sky

• Rocket travel in Space: For longer distances, most international city-to-city travel will involve reusable rockets, entering near-space just outside the upper atmosphere, travelling at just under 20,000mph, getting us from London to New York in under 30 minutes

As technology advances, we’ll see significant changes in healthcare and nutrition:

• Virtual companions and carers: We will have the option of a digital companion that gets to know us and our health over our lifetime. Through sensors which track our health status wherever we go, our carers will nudge us to make the healthiest choices

• 3D printing of vital organs: Providing instant replacements for people whose organs are damaged beyond repair. They could even exceed the quality of those we are born with, including eyes with improved vision at night and hearts or lungs that enhance an athlete’s performance

• High-street insect burger takeaways: Eventually insects will become one of our main food protein sources. Every kitchen will be equipped with counter-top growing pods, with a small harvesting drawer – we will even be able to pick up a greasy worm kebab enroute home



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