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Fast Food Ninja Motorbike Rider Takes to the Streets of Watford

Forget the Moped! A Just Eat Delivery Rider goes all out with a powerful set of wheels.

Most delivery riders use 50cc mopeds, but not this guy, he has opted for the Jaw-Dropping Kawasaki Ninja 650 sports motorbike, powered by 649cc engine, which has an estimated value of at least £7000.

With a top speed of over 140mph, the Ninja 660 is a powerful and nimble machine, perfect for those who want to ride fast and furious. The rider in question was using it to carry out food deliveries, a task that usually requires a much slower, less powerful mode of transport.

The rider’s identity is unknown, but one thing is certain; The Ninja 660 is a stunning machine. The rider was seen stopping at a local restaurant to pick up a delivery before continuing on their journey.

It’s unclear why the delivery rider chose to use such an expensive and powerful motorbike when a cheaper moped would have been more than sufficient for the job. It could be that the rider is an enthusiast who simply enjoys riding such a powerful bike and wanted to combine their love of motorbikes with their job.

The usual mode of choice

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