Free film screening in Rickmansworth to mark Global Recycling Day


Free film screening in Rickmansworth to mark Global Recycling Day

The Three Rivers District Council is offering free tickets for a screening of the Disney classic WALL-E at Watersmeet, Rickmansworth, in anticipation of Global Recycling Day.

The screening will take place on Sunday 12 March, and members of the council’s Climate Change Team will be available before and after the film to answer questions and provide support on waste reduction and recycling, as well as other sustainability topics.

Global Recycling Day, celebrated on Saturday 18 March, was created in 2018 to acknowledge and celebrate the crucial role recycling plays in conserving resources and securing the future of our planet.

Phil Williams, the Lead Member for Environmental Services, Climate Change, and Sustainability, expressed his hope that the film will inspire young people and their families to become more mindful of the waste they produce and its impact on the planet. Many young people are already engaged in conversations and activities to address the climate crisis, particularly regarding waste and recycling.

WALL-E, the film being screened, follows a lonely robot on a future Earth in 2805, tasked with cleaning up mountains of garbage left behind by humans. He falls in love with a probe named EVE and sets out to pursue her across the galaxy.

Three Rivers has an impressive record of recycling rates, ranking in the top three authorities in England for the past three years by recycling over 60% of household waste. The council is currently focused on waste reduction through campaigns like the WorthSaving food waste reduction initiative, reusable nappies, and sustainable period products.

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