Fugitive Crack Cocaine Dealer caught Faces Extended Prison Time


Fugitive Crack Cocaine Dealer caught Faces Extended Prison Time

Louis Okai, aged 41, who had been on the run for almost three years, has been captured by law enforcement in Welwyn Hatfield, spelling the end of his run from justice.

Okai had fled prison in December 2020 while serving a nine-year sentence for possession with the intent to distribute class A drugs. His freedom came to an abrupt halt when officers from the proactive Operation Scorpion unit intercepted him riding a bicycle along Ludwick Way in Welwyn Garden City at approximately 11 am on Wednesday, November 1.

Following a search, authorities seized 62 wraps of crack cocaine, 26 wraps of heroin, and a substantial sum of cash from Okai. Despite initially providing false information upon his arrest, his true identity was unveiled while in custody. Consequently, he faced charges for two counts of possessing a class A drug with the intent to supply, alongside escaping from lawful custody.

Admitting guilt to the offenses on Thursday, November 30, Okai was remanded in custody. His sentence includes an extra four-year and two-month term, to be served once he completes the remaining 21 months from a prior drug-related conviction.

This apprehension marks the culmination of a lengthy pursuit and underscores law enforcement’s commitment to curbing drug-related activities within the region.

Detective Inspector Bianca Broadbent said: “Operation Scorpion is a proactive unit, largely plain-clothed who are there to tackle a variety of acquisitive crime, including drug dealing. Thanks to the tenacity of our Welwyn Hatfield team, not only are a large quantity of class A drugs off our streets but now a prison absconder is going back to jail. Hopefully this news is reassuring to residents.”

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