Hertsmere makes an appeal for new Local sites to develop on


Hertsmere makes an appeal for new Local sites to develop on

An appeal issued by Hertsmere hopes to find potential housing, employment and green infrastructure sites as part of a new blueprint set out for development in the borough.

They are inviting landowners, developers and other stakeholders to submit for consideration any sites they know of with potential for development.

Among the sites which could be submitted are those capable of

  • delivering five or more homes;
  • offering specialist care;
  • delivering only affordable homes;
  • accommodating offices, industrial, storage, or distribution spaces
  • and sites that would generate employment.

Hertsmere ate particularly interested in sites on land that has been previously used for commercial or industrial purposes; sites that accommodate blue-green infrastructure, such as sustainable drainage systems or natural flood managements, and sites that would ensure biodiversity net gain, meaning biodiversity levels would increase following development. 

Earlier this year, it was decided that the current version of Hertsmere’s new Local Plan would be set aside following an extensive public engagement, in which 18,000 responses were received – the highest response rate to a consultation we’ve conducted.

Work is now underway on a new version of the plan, which will guide development and influence how the borough changes in the short to medium term.

Respondents are asked to complete a questionnaire and return it with a map showing the site boundary to us before midday on Thursday 22 December.

Time out for completion fast approaching
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