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Local Residents Complain About Watford Showroom Cars blocking Footpath and parked on Yellow Lines

Toyota Steven Eagell car showroom in Watford has been the subject of complaints from local residents about cars parking on yellow lines and blocking footpath ramps.

Yellow lines are painted on the road to indicate that parking is prohibited.

Footpath ramps are designed to allow people with disabilities to access. However, these ramps are often blocked by cars parked illegally. This can make it difficult or impossible for people with disabilities to get past.

In June a resident poste the images below about cars parked at the Toyota site next to Morrisons near Ascot Road.

Parked right up in the footway
You have to walk onto a very busy roundabout to get past.

Comments Posted:

  • I went down to morrisons the other day with a buggy and had to walk in the road as there was no path space to get down there. Absolutely ridiculous and so unsafe
  • Why are they parked on double yellow lines you need to ticket them all.
  • This TOYOTA main dealer has been parking cars all over Croxley View for the past 8 months. Now due to renovations it has got intolerable.
  • Oh I’ve stormed into that garage to complain; I sometimes have to steer my pram and my 4yo on a bike into the roundabout to get around the cars it makes me so angry.
  • It’s really bad I have mobility scooter always have to go in and ask then to move
  • I have reported to the wardens but without council backing they can’t do a thing we need to all email Parking services at Watford Council as I believe this area is controlled by Watford and express our concerns.

The local council has been contacted about the issue.

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