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Machete-Wielding incidents in South Oxhey Prompts Police to set an Overnight Section 60 Stop and Search lockdown

Police were called on Monday (20 February), to two incidents involving altercations with alleged machete weapons were reported in the South Oxhey area, involving individuals known to each other.

Although no injuries were sustained and no weapons were found, officers have increased patrols in the area, both visibly and covertly.

Following the incidents, local Police officers have been granted additional Stop and Search powers under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

This authorisation allows officers to stop and search individuals suspected of carrying knives between 5:05pm on Tuesday (21 February) and 10am on Wednesday (22 February).

The Section 60 applied to the area in the attached map – which includes Thomas Sawyer Way, Riverside Park, Riverside Road, Silk Mill Road, Hampermill Lane, Sandy Lane, Prestwick Road, Oxhey Lane, Little Oxhey Lane, Pinner Lane, Lower High Street, Dalton Way, Bushey train station and Carpenders Park station.


Three Rivers Chief Inspector Andrew Palfreyman said: “If you live in the South Oxhey area, you may have noticed an increased police presence in the area over the last couple of days whilst we act on this latest intelligence.

“I would like to make it clear that both of these incidents were contained, and initial enquiries have led us to believe that the involved parties are known to each other – as such, we do not believe there to be any wider threat or risk to the public at this time.

“Overnight, we increased our patrols in order to provide a visible police presence in the South Oxhey area, and to disrupt any possible criminality. I’m pleased to say that officers did not have cause to conduct any stop and searches and that all was in order overnight.

“I would like to take this opportunity to make it clear: there are serious consequences if you choose to carry a knife. Not only will you face a possible custodial sentence and criminal record, which could affect your job prospects in later life, but you could cause yourself or another person serious injury.”

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