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Man on mission to Raise money for Heart UK ahead of stint in London Marathon

A DJ with the ambition to complete the London Marathon on Sun, Apr 23, 2023 and in order to raise money for charity.

DJ Grant Proudefoot, fondly known as the ‘Selfie King’ among his friends, hosted a thrilling bingo night in preparation for his upcoming challenge to complete the 26 mile London Marathon on Sunday, April 23, 2023.

On the night he announced that on his Just Giving page, Grant was pleasantly surprised to find a donation of £551, although he initially thought it was a typo. However, he soon discovered that it was a generous contribution from Sarah Alan, who had raised £551 in her Easter egg raffle.

heart uk
Sarah Alan pictured with ‘DJ Footsie Grant’

A winner of the raffle who won £300, gave £100 back to the cause.

He was aiming to raise £4000, but so far has smashed that, currently now standing at £6000.

The lively event took place at The Royal British function room, and Grant has previously hosted similar events at Croxley Guild of Sport and Social Club, also located in Croxley.

Despite nearing his 60th birthday, Grant has been diligently training for the marathon by participating in various races in Hertfordshire.

heart uk
Watford Joggers

“Wednesday’s 6 mile Night Run with the Lovely Watford Joggers.” In the wet through a muddy Whippendell Woods took 10 minutes.

“Excited, but also Very Nervous!” He adds. As he achieves faster mile per minute.

Getting set with a Marathon Haircut by the Wacky Barber of Watford.

Grant is grateful for the support he has received as he strives to complete the London Marathon and raise funds for his chosen charity HeartUK.

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