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Meriden Fish Bar and Other Shops in Peril after

Meriden Fish Bar and Other Shops in Peril after unsafe structural concerns

Garston Residents Left in Limbo as Shops Under Newly Built Housing Face Potential Closure

Newly built shops and eateries in Garston, Watford, face closure after being deemed unsafe due to structural concerns. The news comes as a blow to business owners who have already faced issues with the location, including problems with the structure itself, bills, and nearby parking.

Don (left) with co-owner Ferhat Cicek (right). (Image: Meriden Fish Bar)

“We’ve had nothing but problems here,” said Donald Langford, owner of Meriden Fish Bar. “This is just another nail in the coffin for the shops.”

Shops and eateries located beneath Cygnet House and Plover House in York Way were visited on Friday, February 9th, and informed that assessments could lead to their closure. The businesses are currently awaiting the results of these assessments.

This news is likely to add to the concerns of residents in the area, who have already raised questions about the safety of the buildings. It is unclear at this time what will happen to the businesses affected, but the situation is likely to cause further disruption and uncertainty for those involved.

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