One year since launch of HRT PPC: patients reminded to renew their certificate


One year since launch of HRT PPC: patients reminded to renew their certificate

It’s been a year since the launch of the HRT PPC, and it’s already making a difference! Since April 2023, over half a million people have purchased an HRT PPC, saving them millions on their HRT medication.

  • Over 500,000 people have benefitted from the HRT PPC in the past year, saving them money on their prescriptions.
  • If you got an HRT PPC in April 2023, it’s time to renew to keep saving.
  • With an HRT PPC, you can get unlimited refills of your HRT medication for a year for the price of two prescriptions.
  • The HRT PPC is a key part of the government’s plan to improve menopause support.

If you got an HRT PPC in April last year, be sure to renew it to keep getting discounts on your HRT prescriptions.

With an HRT PPC, patients can access an unlimited number of listed HRT medicines over  12 months for the cost of two single prescription charges.

The HRT PPC is a key part of the government’s Women’s Health Strategy, which aims to improve overall menopause support.

Minister for Women’s Health Strategy Maria Caulfield said:

“When we launched the Women’s Health Strategy, we made it clear our aim is to create a health system that listens to – and works for – women.

“A key part of this has been enabling better support for women experiencing the menopause. Women using the certificates have saved almost £16 million overall, along with new women’s health hubs and the launch of a dedicated menopause information hub on the NHS website – huge progress is being made.

“I’m urging all women to check and renew their PPC to make sure they are getting the best value for money.”

Michael Brodie, Chief Executive of the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), which is responsible for delivering this service, said:

“Having an HRT PPC saves patients money if they currently pay for more than two HRT prescriptions in a year. The certificate helps users access their important medication in an easy and affordable way and we look forward to another great year for the service.”

Patients who purchased an HRT PPC in April 2023 will be notified by the NHSBSA that their certificate is due to expire soon.

HRT PPCs can be bought online at www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/hrt-ppc or in-person at some pharmacies.

Before buying an HRT PPC, patients should check if:

Patients are encouraged to check when their HRT PPC expires. If they use their certificate after it has expired to collect medication, this could result in a penalty charge of up to £100. More information about this process is available on our website: www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/understanding-penalty-charges 

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