Peoples ‘Super Saturday’ to get Brexit done

Peoples ‘Super Saturday’ to get Brexit done

MPs are in parliament with a packed timetable for “super Saturday” – the first time the Commons has met on a Saturday since 1982.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal,  is being presented as a motion for approval.

Whilst TENS of thousands of protesters have taken to London’s streets  today and march towards Parliament to demand a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

MPs vote to delay approval of Brexit deal

MPs have approved Sir Oliver Letwin’s amendment which seeks to avoid a no-deal Brexit on October 31 by 322 votes to 306, majority 16.

Guardian wrote:  The rebel MP Sir Oliver Letwin, who lost the Conservative whip and now sits as an independent after blocking a no-deal Brexit, has consistently tried to use parliamentary procedure to shape how the UK leaves the EU.

Boris Johnson opened Saturday’s historic session of parliament, entreating MPs from all parties to support his Brexit deal and highlighting what he called Britain’s “shared sense of destiny” with Europe.

“A sense of shared destiny. And a deep understanding of the eternal need, especially after the horrors of the last century, for Britain to stand as one of the guarantors of peace and democracy in our continent, and it is our continent,” he said.

“And it’s precisely because we are capable of feeling both things at once, sceptical about the modes of EU integration as we are but passionate and enthusiastic about Europe.”

He stressed the UK’s right to leave the EU customs union and single market and negotiate new free trade deals with non-EU countries. And he insisted the government had no intention of slashing the environmental standards or social protections that will no longer be guaranteed by law under the new deal.

Video on Guardian article

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