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Liz Truss

Peter Taylor congratulates Liz Truss being appointed as Prime Minister

In letter drawn up today addressed to Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss, now the NEW prime minister of England.

With the recent Emergency repairs following a sinkhole at Watford General Hospital, has pushed the need to chase of promised investment for redevelopment of the hospital.

“This is vital so it can provide excellent care in the future. The new Prime Minister must make sure it is finally delivered.”

Liz Truss

Even though we have very different politics, I wish Liz Truss well in dealing with the big issues that face the country.

In Watford, a key issue is the redevelopment of our local hospital. I have written to our new Prime Minister to ask her to guarantee funding for the project.

Liz Truss
State of repairs Last week.

Repairs are still ongoing athe hospital.

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