Police impose public order conditions on Protests in London this weekend


Police impose public order conditions on Protests in London this weekend

Londoners can expect a significant police presence this Saturday, April 13th, as the Metropolitan Police deploy nearly 1,000 officers to manage various events across the city.

In addition to five football matches, several protests and demonstrations are scheduled. Organizers of two events, a Palestine Solidarity Campaign march and a Turning Point UK demonstration, have agreed to specific guidelines outlined by the Met under the Public Order Act.

On 10th Wednesday a Palestine mob’s latest attack saw the government Ministry of Justice building sprayed with red paint, demanding Labour and the Conservatives take a stand against Israel.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign will hold a march starting at 12pm in Russell Square. Participants will proceed towards Aldwych, along the Embankment, and conclude their rally in Parliament Square. A designated route has been provided to ensure a smooth procession. The rally must conclude by 5pm.

Both protests are subject to conditions under the Public Order Act.

  • Palestine Solidarity Campaign March: Starts at 12pm in Russell Square, heads towards Aldwych and the Embankment, and finishes in Parliament Square. Participants must follow the designated route (see map) and avoid the red shaded area. The rally must end by 5pm.
  • Turning Point UK Demonstration: Takes place in Whitehall (designated area on map). The gathering must conclude by 5pm.

Turning Point UK will hold their demonstration within a designated area on Whitehall, also concluding by 5pm.

Turning Point UK protest must remain within the identified area in Whitehall, shaded on the map.

The Met Police encourages attendees of all events to be familiar with the guidelines set forth by organizers and to cooperate with officers on duty.

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