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police officers investigated for alleged failures to stop Met serial rapist David Carrick

Police Officers Under Investigation for Misconduct in Serial Rapist David Carrick Case

Twelve police officers, including serving and former officers from the Metropolitan Police and Wiltshire Police, are under investigation for misconduct relating to the case of serial rapist David Carrick.


Police forces in England and Wales have been told to check all their officers against national databases
Police forces in England and Wales were told to check all their officers against national databases

Carrick, a former Metropolitan Police officer, was convicted of 49 offenses, including 24 rapes, in February. He was sentenced to 36 life terms.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) is investigating four claims made to the Met since 2002. The IOPC is also investigating allegations that Wiltshire Police failed to properly investigate a report made against Carrick in 2016.

On Wednesday, the IOPC said 10 serving and former officers were under investigation for gross misconduct, and another officer and staff member for misconduct.

Five serving Met officers, a detective constable, detective sergeant, detective inspector, and two chief inspectors, are under investigation for gross misconduct.

A former Met officer, now serving with City of London Police, and two retired officers, a former police constable and former superintendent, are also under investigation.

A serving Met police staff member and a Met police constable are under investigation for misconduct.

Two officers from Wiltshire Police are also under investigation for gross misconduct.

The IOPC announced in July that it was launching investigations into the way the Met handled complaints made against Carrick in 2002, 2016, 2019, and 2021 under a rarely-used power of initiative.

Police watchdog probes why rapist cop David Carrick cleared despite 49 offences
Police watchdog probes why rapist cop David Carrick cleared despite 49 offences

The IOPC is examining allegations that the officers may have breached police standards of professional behaviour by failing in their duty to adequately explore, investigate, supervise, or oversee investigations into allegations made against Carrick while he was a serving police officer.

IOPC regional director Mel Palmer said: “Our thoughts remain with all the women who were victims of David Carrick and reported this offending.

“After carrying out an initial scoping review of police handling of allegations against Carrick earlier this year, we made the decision to launch investigations into multiple alleged failings of police officers and staff who assessed and/or investigated allegations made against him.

“If these matters had been adequately progressed, Carrick could potentially have faced gross misconduct proceedings and been dismissed from the police service years before he was eventually arrested.

“While we’ve notified a number of officers that they are under investigation, this does not mean that disciplinary proceedings will automatically follow.”

The IOPC has not yet released any further details about the ongoing investigations.

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