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petrol stations

Queues at UK petrol stations as motorists drain pumps

The invasion of Ukraine by PUTIN has sparked fears the price of fuel to go up and may lead to fuel shortages, as the world’s second-biggest oil producer, which mainly sells to other European countries

This morning long queues have been pictured at petrol stations in parts of the UK.

petrol stations
Petrol Queues which left a few unleaded pumps empty

Russia is the world’s second-biggest oil and gas producer.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already warned that “one of the risks of Putin’s venture is that there could be a spike in… oil prices”.

Some motorists were out to get the cheapest price per litre in the chance it may rise more in the coming days.

The full on war on Ukraine started yesterday, although putting has been using propaganda since 2014.

One driver, who went to fill up at an Asda in Kingswood, said that the scene was “hectic”.

petrol stations

The price of a litre of petrol is ‘certain’ to cost £2 in 2022 and add at least £20 to the cost of filling up a family car, retailers warned today.

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