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Red kites

Record Number of Red kites spotted in Kings Langley

Once a very rare bird, thanks to successful reintroduction projects these wonderful birds can now be seen in lots of places in the UK.

Seeing a red kite soaring high in the sky is a true delight, but over a dozen in one place everyday. wow!!

Over a dozen seen on 29th May.

The revamped NatureHertsUK channel on Youtube caught the new record number last weekend and again today.

Red kites
Photo by Wayne Usher

For the past 30 years, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds provided the highest level of protection for Red Kites, who were saved from national extinction and successfully re-introduced to England and Scotland.

Red kites
The Nature Reserve Pages now have a Raptors in Herts page.

NatureHertsUK, previously known as SouthHertsPhotographer, is a wildlife photographer who has captured many species on video. However, they have a particular interest in birds of prey. Though he says “First there was one or two, but now they are in abundance. I’ve always been fascinated by birds of prey,” says NatureHertsUK. “They’re such beautiful and powerful creatures. I love watching them in flight and seeing how they hunt.”

“I want people to appreciate the beauty and importance of birds of prey,” says NatureHertsUK. “They play a vital role in our ecosystems, and we need to do everything we can to protect them.”

Red kites

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