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Retail Park turned into racetrack left Tyre Shreds in Car Park After Performing Donuts

Cars had entered the Colne Valley Retail Park car park and began driving around in circles, skidding and spinning their tires causing black tyre marks to form in circles around lampposts and shreds of rubber to be left scattered everywhere.

car park
Black Tyre marks left after car Donuts

People claimed they hear noise excessive noise from cars racing and doing donuts in the DFS car park in the Colne Valley Retail Park on Friday and Saturday nights.

The noise has been described as “deafening” and “like gun shots”.

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Debris from tyres being ripped at high temperature.

When cars do wheel spins, the tyres can shred, leaving small pieces of rubber scattered on the ground.

car park

These tyre shreds are not biodegradable and can take years to degrade.

This month a driver has since been banned from driving any vehicle into the Starbucks or Chiswell Green car park, and issued with a Section59 warning by Hertfordshire police.

car park
Black Tyre marks left after car Donuts

All of the businesses have told the land owners about the mess in the car park, yet 3 weeks have gone by and it hasn’t been cleared.”

“We take pride in having an immaculate showroom and then for visitors to come to the retail park with this horrendous mess.”

The car park had been left open, but now the car park is to be closed at night to prevent further incidents.

car park

One of the pieces of tyre compared to a large caterpillar found on the tarmac.

Clearway Group Security say “Large, open car parks are like magnets in attracting groups of boy racers who compete for glory and tear-up the surface by spinning ‘donuts’, skidding and drifting.
It’s dangerous, anti-social and the damaged surface costs tens of thousands to repair.”

England’s Police websites state “this kind of behaviour is not permitted unless as part of an organised event with prior permission from the local authority.”

Jones Day assisted Hercules Unit Trust sold its Colne Valley Retail Park in Watford for £45.075 million to Colne Valley Watford LP, a Gibraltar limited partnership backed by Igal Ahouvi.

Existing tenants include Carpetright, DFS, Dreams, Bensons for Beds, Oak Furniture land, SCS, and Tapi.

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