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Primary School Students Artwork on Display at Cortland Cassiobury Unveiling Ceremony

Today School pupils got to unveil their artwork designs that they created at the Cortland Cassiobury site.

An unveiling ceremony was held at 10.30am this morning, with the attendance of Councillor Amanda Grimston, and teachers to make the event for the artful students.

Video of unveiling

The children were asked to think of something that represented Watford and then paint that inside a Cortland Cassiobury Logo.

The Children got to unveil their own artwork (image WatfordMedia)
The Children got to unveil their own artwork (image WatfordMedia)

A very large cover kept the display hidden.

Councillor Amanda Grimston helps the pupils of Ascot road Primary unveil the their masterpieces.

Councillor Amanda Grimston, with the arty students, and teachers of Ascot Road Primary School. (image WatfordMedia)

A total of 154 designs made it onto the boundary hoarding collage at the Cortland Cassiobury Ascot Road stage 2 housing development on the opposite side of the road next to Morrisons.

children, colouring,
Opening the cases to reveal a colouring pencils set. (image WatNews)

The children were awarded colouring sets in a nifty case for taking part.

Ascot Road Primary School sits next to the Cortland Cassiobury housing construction site adjacent to Morrisons Supermarket. (image WatfordMedia)

The first stage 1 of developement is in it’s final stages and some apartments are already occupied. The next Stage 2 invited locals to a Public exhibition in February 2022.

Alan Kavanagh UK Construction Project Manager (image WatfordMedia)

The idea came from Alan Kavanagh of the Cortland Cassiobury Construction Project Manager.

UK Construction Project Manager Alan Kavanagh is showing students at Ascot Road Community School our construction progress and what it’s like to work on site. (image CortlandUK 2020)
cortland UK, housing, tower,
New Housing block in Ascot Road Croxley Green / Watford.

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