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Shop Well lower carbon footprint to Save the Planet

The new TV series trialed various products to help families lower their carbon footprint and save money too.

Tips on how to live a greener lifestyle and save money from the Shop Well for Less and Eat Well for Less teams. Chris Bavin and Jordan Banjo look at our food choices, while Melanie Sykes and Joanna Page tackled our shopping habits. 

Series 1: Episode 1

A family from Essex mum Alison and dad Alex and their two sons, seven-year-old Arthur and 11-year-old Harrison.  Swapping cleaning products they know and trust for eco-friendly alternatives, and stripping their bathroom of single-use plastics.

From Eco toilet roll made from bamboo and natural deodorants, to dog food made from insects.

Encouraging a meat free day, and washing clothes or body free from plastic packaging.

And transport the family try a new electric car.

Watford car showrooms currently have one or two electric models in their showrooms.  Our tech guy visited three of them (see video below)

Then dog walkers gave a range of natural deodorants the physical test, and another group tickle their sweet tooth with Fairtrade chocolate.

The episode is now available on BBC iPlayer here

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Bamboo Kitch Towel
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Series 1: Episode 2 Next Thursday 8pm

The gang will help a family at different stages of their eco journey.  Putting Reusable kitchen roll to the test, and top tips on how to be more eco when going on holiday.

Series 1: Episode 3 28th

Chris Bavin and Melanie Sykes help a time-stretched family with a new baby.

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