Shoplifters caught running rampant in Watford


Shoplifters caught running rampant in Watford

Shoplifters are targeting stores around the centre of Watford, confirms data.

A man named James Anderson, 36. was arrested after thefts from retail stores from Boots in atria and Marks & Spencer in Watford. He later appeared at Stevenage Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty. He was fined £40, ordered to pay £85 costs and a £16 victim surcharge.

A video shared on online shows commuters and shoppers in the Water Lane part of the High Street witness the male getting taken into custody at 2:30pm.

Stores complained of thefts on a daily basis. One store staff member said “this was the third today, its been a horrible day.”

Another store manager said “the violence and aggression has increased.”

Stolen items of alcohol and beauty products.

The stolen items were returned to the stores by a Police community officer.

According to Police.UK shoplifting accounted for around five per cent of all reported crime.

The main areas are:

  • between the ring road and Watford Junction Station
  • between lower High Street and Radlett Road
  • between Waterfields Way and Exchange Road.

In 2021, Watford had the worst crime rate in Hertfordshire for bicycle theft, burglary, and sex offences.


Watford is the second most dangerous major town in Hertfordshire, according to crimerate.co.uk.

With the population of Watford growing higher with all theses new high rise blocks imposed on Watford, the figures are likely not to get lower.

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