UK Petrol Price Drops due to Corona Virus

UK Petrol Price Drops due to Corona Virus

Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s cut petrol prices for the second time in a week

A41 Dome Roundabout. Petrol and Diesel prices are almost now the same at Sainsburys. Unleaded 120.4 and Diesel 120.9,  this is a 7p drop per litre since the end of January.

ASDA over the road is down to 118.7p per litre for unleaded, and 120.7p per litre on diesel.  We filled our tank up to the brim.

The deadly coronavirus which has hit China is having  an inadvertent effect on fuel prices in the UK, according to analysis by the RAC.

The motoring organisation has said that travel restrictions imposed in China to combat the virus have affected demand for oil in the country, leading to a drop in the wholesale price of oil.

“Some drivers are no doubt aware that fuel prices in the UK are affected by global events, but many will be shocked to hear the coronavirus outbreak in China should lead to the price of petrol and diesel falling dramatically,” said RAC fuel spokesman, Simon Williams.

Ashley Myers, Morrisons head of fuel, said: “The global oil price is dropping, so we want to pass on savings to our customers as soon as we can – and keep our fuel prices well below the UK average.”

Surpsingly, Asda also has a national fuel cap – which means drivers filling up at an Asda pump will pay no more than 118.7p a litre for unleaded or 120.7p a litre for diesel.

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