Danger to pedestrians as Ring Road Traffic Signals fail


Danger to pedestrians as Ring Road Traffic Signals fail

At 2pm our roaming reporter tweeted a video to alert Herts Highways and Watford Borough Council.

The number of Pedestrians grew as signals failed to stop the three lanes of traffic. Many were forced to make a dash for it as cars hurtled towards them.

In the video, pedestrians can be seen running to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic.

A man crossing narrowly avoids oncoming traffic

Some had near misses as cars ploughed through the middle at speed.

Many drivers fail to adhere to new laws which give pedestrians the right of way at the crossing. The new rules state that drivers should give way to pedestrians who are waiting to cross a road at a junction.

At around 2:30pm an WeAreSWARCO signal engineer arrived on the scene to access.


The problem of the lights failure was due to faulty wiring causing a fuse to become extremely hot. The other contractors UKPM have been contacted and Herts County Council are aware.


At 3:30pm signs were put in place to highlight to motorists of the digital outage.

We have contacted Herts Highways for an update and response.

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