Youtube Reversal of Monetization Decision for Local News Channel Sparks Questions


Youtube Reversal of Monetization Decision for Local News Channel Sparks Questions

A Watford-based news channel has had its monetization status reversed after it was initially denied due to a perceived violation of YouTube’s policies.


The channel, which has been in operation since 2014, was notified that it was not eligible for monetization after a review by YouTube’s automated system on June 21.


The channel’s owner, who wished to remain anonymous, appealed the decision, but was initially unsuccessful.


In an email, YouTube stated that the channel did not comply with the majority of its policies, and that the appeal video did not adequately explain the channel’s purpose.

The channel’s owner made and then uploaded a second appeal video, in which they explained the purpose of their channel, showing our equipment and addressed the concerns raised by YouTube at 5pm on June 22.

But before we could continue, SUDDENLY our channel has been re-activated to earn (Apart from shorts seem not able to).

In the end it only took just 28 hours for the channel’s monetization status to be restored. A lot shorter than the 14 days they had said it would take before getting back to us.

The reversal of the decision has raised questions about YouTube’s policies and procedures for reviewing monetization requests. Some have suggested that the automated system may be too aggressive in flagging channels for review, while others have questioned the transparency of the appeals process.

WatNews is concerned about the inconsistency of YouTube’s decision-making process. We believe that our channel was initially denied monetization due to an automated process that did not properly review our content. We are also disappointed that YouTube did not provide any specific feedback on why our first appeal was rejected, yet within ours was was back up working.

“I’m not sure what changed between my first appeal and my second upload,” but maybe because we included the new Youtube CEO Neal Mohan in our tweets and tags “I’m just glad that my channel is finally able to monetize again.”

This has caused major time wasting issues, we have to go through every video and reset options.

This incident raises questions about the fairness and transparency of YouTube’s monetization policies. It also highlights the challenges that creators face when trying to appeal decisions that they believe are unfair.

YouTube has not yet responded to a request for comment.

I told Google BARD and it replied “I understand that you are frustrated with the way YouTube has handled your channel’s appeal. It seems that the automated system flagged your channel for violating the Community Guidelines, even though you believe that your content was compliant.

I can’t say for sure why your appeal was initially denied, but it’s possible that the reviewer didn’t have enough information to make a fair decision. The link that YouTube provided in their email may have contained more details, but it’s also possible that the link was incorrect.

I’m glad that your channel has been reinstated, but I’m disappointed that YouTube didn’t provide you with an apology or explanation. It’s important that YouTube be transparent about their decision-making process, so that creators can understand why their content was flagged and what they can do to avoid future violations.”

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