Breaking News: M25 disruption for third day by Climate Emergency Activists

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Breaking News: M25 disruption for third day by Climate Emergency Activists

From 6:30am, around 10 supporters of Just Stop Oil climbed onto overhead gantries of the M25 in multiple locations, causing police to halt traffic.

Latest: Hertfordshire and metropolitan police are in attendance and dealing with the situation. Roads are beginning to reopen as arrests made.

Herts Police say the protester has secured themselve to the gantry by both a harness and a d-lock around his neck.

Due to the complexities of this specific incident it took longer for the Specially trained Protest Removal Team (PRT) to remove them safely.

🛢They are demanding the government halt all new oil and gas licenses.

Just Stop Oil said “Our supporters do not want to be on gantries on the M25. But until Rishi Sunak stops new oil and gas licenses we will continue in civil resistance.” More fossil fuels will only cause more damage. We need to JustStopOil.

Sam Holland, 20, said of the government’s plan to license more oil:

Sam Holland, Government run by criminals

💬 “I’m getting screwed over. I’m twenty years old. What does my future look like when I’m forty? It looks like there’s no food on the shelves. It looks like people fighting in the streets.”

Isabel Rock, 41, has a message for her nephew.

Isabel Rock no future with fossil fuels

“I’m doing this for my baby nephew and his unborn sister. I want them to have a chance at a future. The government is responsible for criminal inaction on the climate crisis. They should be in prison.”

Jesse Prince, 19 said:

“Animal Rebellion stands in solidarity with Just Stop Oil because the road to averting catastrophe isn’t easy but it has two very simple steps: JustStopOil, and a Plant Based Future”

Cops illegally arrest lawful journalists

LBC reporter feared the worst
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