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Clampdown on Cuckooing: St Albans Property Subject to Partial Closure Order

Clampdown on Cuckooing: St Albans Property Subject to Closure Order After Reports of Drug Activity and Anti-Social Behaviour

A property in St Albans linked to cuckooing, has been made subject to a partial closure order by magistrates after reports of drug activity and anti-social behaviour.

The flat in Lycaste Close, which is owned by St Albans City and District Council, will only be accessible to the tenant, the council, relevant support agencies and emergency services for the next three months.

The closure order was granted under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 after St Albans Police’s Community Safety Unit received reports about a vulnerable occupant being taken advantage of and anti-social activity at the property.

The closure order is the latest measure taken by the police and the council to tackle cuckooing, a practice where drug dealers take over the homes of vulnerable people to use as a base for their operations.


Sergeant Mike Saunders, from St Albans Community Safety Unit (CSU), said: “We hope this provides some respite from the ongoing issues suffered by neighbours and helps protect the tenant. Anyone who breaches the terms of the order could face arrest, a fine, imprisonment or both.”

Cuckooing can have a devastating impact on victims and their communities, and the police and the council are working together to crack down on this type of crime.

“Our Safer Neighbourhood Team colleagues will continue to regularly patrol the area and we have asked neighbours to report any breaches of the order to us as soon as possible so we can take further action if required.

“If you have information about suspected drug activity, vulnerable occupants and anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood, please don’t hesitate to report it to us. We will take it seriously and do all we can to prevent it from adversely affecting neighbours’ quality of life.”