New Police Station falls Victim to Graffiti Vandalism

new police station roof graffiti

New Police Station falls Victim to Graffiti Vandalism

As the New Watford Police station nears it’s opening date, has been hit with graffiti vandalism.

The new station is located at 3 George Street, and will replace the current Shady Lane police station off Clarendon Road, which has been in use for over 100 years.

A drone flyover of the new Watford Police Station revealed a surprising sight: the word “Smileely” graffitied on the roof in large, white letters.

police station
police station

The new building will be more modern and efficient, and will provide a better working environment for police officers and staff. It will also have a front counter service for the public.

The building was purchased for £6.5 million. It will have a front counter service service for the public but no custody suites. Parking is to hold 30 police vehicles, an addition 35 for staff, and 40 cycling spaces.

It was covered in Scaffolding as renovation work was carried out. The previous Shady Lane location building is said to be no longer fit for modern policing.

This new location will mean more foot patrols of the town. Nearby is St Mary’s Church where banning orders have successfully been put in place to prevent repeat offenders causing anti-social behaviour. 

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Mr Lewis Cocking said: “It was good to see work progressing on the new police station, it will be a fantastic facility for both officers and staff, as well as the people of Watford.”

It was expected to open in October or November 2023 but not “set in stone”, we will just have to wait and see.

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