Crashes caught on video at Woodmere width restriction


Crashes caught on video at Woodmere width restriction

A ring doorbell has been capturing collisions as they happen at the controversial width restrictions in Woodmere Avenue.

Even though the incidents have been going on for a few years, more recently a facebook group was setup and videos from a ring doorbell are posted daily.

Footage shows vehicles being lifted into the air as they hit the first post, and sounds of air gushing out of the damage tyres.

Herts County council have been ignoring it for ages and recently told the ‘Watford Observer’ that they only have 4 crashes on file since 2016.  The police have six, because only accidents that have injury are noted.

One of the videos even recorded a police vehicle getting caught out.

We witnessed incidents on the day we visited Tracy and Tim Vigor whom live next to the width restriction.

With support from the conservative MP Dean Russell, raised issue had been raised in parliament and called for “urgent changes”. 

“Even with an abundance of signage, drivers knowing the exact width of their vehicle and travelling at a safe speed, accidents will still happen unless the posts are changed.”


On September 21, council officers visited the location to discuss concerns with Tudor and Meriden county councillor Stephen Cavinder, along with residents, following a request by the councillor.


Cllr Cavinder says does not believe the current width restriction work, and suggests the width restriction is taken away and cameras are installed instead to stop prohibited larger vehicles from using the road.  The Vigor’s are also keen to see cameras instead.

We made a video in 2019, and another in September.


The later compares the bollards with the one in Tudor avenue which are rounded compared to these square with corners that can deal more damage. Also pointing out that they are black and the reflective material worn away.

The bollards are surrounded by broken glass and car parts.

The Watford Observer contacted Mr Greig, a policy and research director for IAM RoadSmart, responded: “This location is a mess with numerous warning signs enforcing different things.

“The lack of distinctive markings on the [first left] post and the slight curve of the pavement, along with the dropped kerb as you approach the width restrictions, allows you to position onto the pavement (without realising it) which is all making a confusing situation worse.

Video of our visit in 2019

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J C N Brewer

Vandalism in action. Who thought this was right?! Stupid Local Government Officials!!

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