Are the council causing Distress by ignoring residents and motorists

Are the council causing Distress by ignoring residents and motorists

The controversial width restrictions are causing locals stress as Tow Trucks, the police and other emergency services turn up regularly.

One of many vehicles victim to the stupendous barriers



HertsLive visited the road and it was clear to see just how many vehicles have near misses after misjudging the width of the restriction, and that’s why they calling for change and have launched a petition with inyourarea.co.uk 

The petition also has the backing of Watford MP Dean Russell who says change for local residents is still one of his top priorities despite the coronavirus pandemic rightly dominating recent discussions.

“I want to reassure people in Woodmere Avenue and that wider area that I have not forgotten about it,” he said.

“This petition by HertsLive I think is a fabulous initiative to remind everyone that this isn’t something that’s going away, this is something we’ve got to resolve.














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