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Day 3: Petrol Stations Closures at Pumps as Fuel Runs Dry

A third day of mayhem has started already at 7am. 

On Sunday, the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), reported that two-thirds of their 5,500 filling stations, had run out of fuel, with the rest of them “partly dry and running out soon”.

1:20pm ASDA closed its station pumps, staff are also unsure if there will a delivery today. 

1pm, Sainsbury have fuel and say they are not going to have a shortage as many more Fuel deliveries are due. Saving the day for many Motorists. 

12:30 Traffic is quiet around the Dome roundabout.  SHELL is out of fuel but remains open.  ASDA forecourt Marshall told me they look to close in a shortly. 

Oil companies have stressed that there is plenty of fuel available  And that the shortage is being caused by “temporary spikes in customer demand” – or as Petrol Retailers Association chairman Brian Madderson put it, “panic buying, pure and simple”.

11am Empty fuel tank for a motorist at Esso who are still open.

A care worker also was running empty with a ‘Fill Fuel’ warning. 

Fuel Delivery might not expected today

SHELL at Hunton Bridge is closed and have not been updated to when the next fuel delivery is due.  But added it could be Monday. 

Tesco Watford Extra had petrol & diesel this morning, now the queues are horrendous at 9.45. 


Local councillor Asif Khan videod the long queues for ESSO gas station in St Albans Road late Saturday evening. 

Motorists are advised particularly to avoid the Dome roundabout due to the gridlock at the Dome roundabout, Asda and Sainsbury’s have shut off the stations.

*All our TfL services*
Routes 217, 298, 299 and W9 are severely delayed due to queues at petrol stations, some buses are in excess of 40 minutes late, please adjust your plans accordingly.

In addition, HCC route 306 is already 40 late trying to get out of Borehamwood to Watford.

The UK Petroleum Industry Association has said distributors are working hard to replenish stocks after the president of the AA blamed panic-buying for the shortage of fuel.

Osak tweeted ‘Crazy, people sleeping in cars overnight outside closed petrol stations, here in Watford. Avoid the Dome roundabout it’s grid-locked!’ 

How it All Started

Late last week, the oil firm BP warned that it would have to “temporarily” close a handful of its petrol stations, because of a lack of lorry drivers to supply fuel.

Long queues began to build up at stations across Great Britain over the weekend, amid fears that petrol might run out.

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