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Day 2 Fuel Fear spark panic buying at Petrol Pumps

Drivers cram their way into forecourts from all directions.

Police urge motorists to be ‘sensible’ at pumps as AA predicts ‘short-term’ crisis. 

Sky reports Nearly 400 petrol stations introduce £30 limit on fuel due to “unprecedented” customer demand

Almost one hundred drivers waited in Sainsbury’s car park whilst fuel delivery went ahead. 


Scenes of desperate drivers trying to jump queues and arguing with forecourt staff. 

Former fireman says he can’t find a local HGV job despite the so called shortage.    

Sainsbury reopened at 12.00 after fresh fuel supplies but argue with a driver who jumped the queue.

Drivers force their way, overtaking others to get into the SHELL garage station on the Dome Roundabout.

At ASDA Drivers come in both directions as they scrambled to fill their tanks.    Traffic tailed back up and down the A41 and St Albans Road. 

ASDA’s entrance was blocked by two lanes of cars.

ASDA was overwhelmed while other garages closed for fuel delivery. 

More motorists make their way in from another entrance.

Those going food shopping also faced difficulties getting into ASDA.  Sainsbury across the road suffered less issues. 

The chairman of the Petrol Retailers Association has issued a warning to drivers that “a lot of people are going to go without fuel”. 

“This could be emergency services, it could be deliveries to supermarkets, it could be NHS workers, doctors, firemen, people who have really serious jobs that need 24-hour requirements for fuel,” Brian Madderson told Sky News. 

“I think this situation is going to get worse before it gets better.” 

Describing the issue as a “crisis situation”, Mr Madderson blamed it on a leak from a Cabinet Office meeting.

During the meeting with some of the UK’s biggest companies and industry associations, fuel giant BP had said it would restrict deliveries to 100 sites as it struggled with low stock levels – comments that were then leaked to a news broadcaster. 

“That leak to a broadcaster has brought about the quite catastrophic situation we’re now in where there is panic buying,” said Mr Madderson. 

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