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Moment Primark Security Defeated Chasing Shoplifters

Two young males were spotted being chased by Security as they left the Primark Store without paying.

Video of moment Two boys fluked an escape

One boy with blonde hair, wearing jeans and a grey hoody with a red backsack on his back. The other boy also in jeans and grey hoody with a black backpack.

Security gurad foot slips on itmes dropped by shoplifters as they make their escape.

Around £60 worth of clothing had been taken, which included a belt, several bundles of socks, a top and other items.

Security staff grew suspicious but only acted once they saw the boys about to without paying.

Three boys aged under 16 were in the shop, whilst one of them was at the til paying, the other two took the red route to leave the store. The blonde suspect turns to look and could actually be a female.

Security say they did not chase them further as they usually do not get punished due to their age.

They security who slipped on one of the dropped items, sprained his hand but nothing serious.

Items that were dropped were taken back by security.

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