Just Stop Oil activists protesters halt M25 traffic for Second Day

just stop oil

Just Stop Oil activists protesters halt M25 traffic for Second Day

Climate Emergency Protesters have caused widespread disruption on the M25 for a second day at several junctions as governments meet at COP27.

Just Stop Oil said “Our supporters do not want to be on gantries on the M25. But until Rishi Sunak stops new oil and gas licenses we will continue in civil resistance.” More fossil fuels will only cause more damage. We need to JustStopOil.

Essex Police called the action “unacceptable” (image Essex Poilce)

Essex Police responded to an incident at the Dartford River Crossing on junction 31 and a woman has been brought down from a gantry. Then at 11am police are responding to another gantry on the M25 at J30 just ahead of the QEII Bridge.

Ch Supt Simon Anslow said: “I completely understand the anger and frustration and want to assure people we are working hard to prevent these criminal acts and to respond as quickly as we can where they take place.

“We have mobilised a significant amount of resources… resources which should be tackling knife crime, helping investigate sexual and domestic offences, and responding to burglaries.”

Met Police: A total of 16 protesters on the M25 have been arrested in a joint operation this morning by Met police and other neighbouring forces including Essex, Surrey, Kent and Hertfordshire.

Charlotte Kirin, 53, a social worker, carer and parent from Bury St. Edmunds said: “In order to survive, we need to take action to stop new oil and gas. For as long as the Government pretend this isn’t the priority, I will do what I can to demand a response.

Jane, 56. “We are on the brink of climate catastrophe, the collapse of civilization, and the loss of everything we love. And I can’t stand by and let it happen.

Hertfordshire constabulary said they were responding to a protest at junction 20 of the M25 near Kings Langley and urged motorists to seek alternative routes.

Surrey police said two protesters had climbed gantries between junctions 8 and 9 and junctions 12 and 13, stopping traffic in both directions.

Just Stop Oil website says in a statement: “We will not be intimidated by changes to the law, we will not be stopped by private injunctions sought to silence peaceful people.

“Our supporters understand that these are irrelevant when set against mass starvation, slaughter, the loss of our rights, freedoms and communities.”

The work and pensions secretary, Mel Stride, said Just Stop Oil protesters did have a point, “in [a] sense”.

He told Sky News: “I do think there’s a major issue when individuals can go on to motorways or even just outside parliament, in fact, periodically, at will, just sit down in the middle of the road and disrupt the traffic – sometimes, indeed, emergency services get caught up in that as well.”

But when it was put to him that the environmental activists have a point, he said: “Well, they do in [a] sense. Couple of points … one is, absolutely, we are all determined, and this government above all else is absolutely determined, to bear down on the use of fossil fuels.

“Second point I would make is that we do have to strike the right balance between the right of individuals to express their opinion and protest, which is absolutely fundamental to a civilised democracy – which is what we have in our country – and, at the other time, making sure that we don’t inconvenience the public or indeed endanger the public in some circumstances.”

A total of seven arrests in Hertfordshire yesterday in connection with the protests. Three of those arrested have since been released with no further action. Two have been released on police bail with conditions.

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