Watford Morrisons Manager Verbally Abuses Shopper

Watford Morrisons narcissist Manager Verbally Abuses Shopper with offensive name calling

Watford Morrisons Manager Verbally Abuses Shopper

A narcissistic manager was caught on camera using offensive language calling a customer names and bullying them.

Update: The local Watford MP Dean Russell has been contacted about this since he is an advocate for mental health. We are waiting for a reply.

In the video can see the darkside of Morrisons manager Rohit Rajak acting like a so called ‘facebook karen’

A customer who was in-store shopping late evening after 9pm had spotted one of the staff members marking down end-use by date croissants, but instead of putting it on display, the staff member rushed to the checkout, scanned and bagged them for himself. The customer asked if there was any available for customers. The staff member replied “there were some in the reduced section£, but the customer had literally just came from there and only saw bread rolls. He asked to be shown but the staff member slipped away.

Grocery stores typically offer reduced price end-use by date food to customers at the end of the day. This food is often placed in a designated area of the store, and customers can purchase it at a discounted price.

Customers typically have first access to reduced price end-use by date food. This is because the store or restaurant wants to sell the food before it expires, and customers are more likely to buy it if they know they are getting a good deal. In some cases, staff may also be able to purchase reduced price end-use by date food. However, this is usually only after all of the food has been offered to customers. This is to ensure that all of the food is sold before it expires.

The customer thought the behaviour of the staff member was not in good faith and wanted to query who was right, but that’s when things turnef ugly.

Rohit Rajak, watford morrisons
Rohit Rajak, Joined Watford Morrisons in June 2020, previously in Harrow.

The customer could not believe the staffs unprofessional and inappropriate behaviour and so felt concerned enough to video record it on his phone.

As soon as Rohit realises he was being recorded, he would call security over and tells the customer he is now banned, even though it is not against company policy. Morrisons says staff are to turn from the camera or walkaway.


Morrisons has since apologised for the misinformation because they do not have such policy about videoing. But the ban is still being actioned by the Watford store.

The customer had complained for several weeks after a product had not been in-stock for over two months. And on the day before the store had found an alternative brand to stock.

This is one of the reasons ROHIT had grievance, because he was tasked with finding a replacement to stock the shelves.

The other reason it seems is he dislikes customers who raise issues. He gets angry at them, insults them, belittles, gaslights, degrades and lies about them. Basically bully behaviour.

Is this the kind of manager Morrisons like to hire, because they seem not to have demoted him after his offensive aggression at the customer on 1st October 2022. (Ref 35713685).

Morrisons corporate website states “we’re committed to having zero tolerance on all forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination.”

Yet it is unclear in any disciplinary action has taken place. The customer is unable to shop for essentials since the ban is being upheld by the Watford store.

The UK government website gives examples of bullying or harassing behaviour include spreading malicious rumours and unfair treatment. And that harassment of someone because of a disability, can be a hate crime which also includes verbal abuse is a criminal offence and punishable by the law.

“it seemed like Morrisons ROHIT was having a ‘physcotic episode’.

The store manager has vindictively made false statements about the customer, which have been kept by security, who on the 16th August said say the shopper was banned, reading it from a letter which he claimed was from head office. The victim asked to read it but security said he couldn’t, even though GDPR law and any official banning letter would and must be viewed by the defendant. This just seems like another Tyrant or mis-informed staff doing a job.

Susan Shanks

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