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The Pond Post Office Starts Refurb after fire gutted the premises and re-opening

First Photos of the fire damage of the Pond Post Office in The Parade, Watford has been closed since April 7, 2023 after a fire broke out in the early hours of the morning at  4.20am.

A picture taken from inside the post office shows devastation.

The fire caused significant damage to the building, and it was not possible to reopen the post office.

The Post Office has been working with the building’s owner to make plans.

Truck taking stripped out fire damage air-conditioning is seen leaving.

Repairs which have begun today, the Postmaster said “they hope be completed by the end of September.”

The refurbishment of the Pond Post Office is also a positive development. The post office is a vital community resource, and its reopening will be welcomed by local residents.


Two engines that put out the fire at 6:30am were from Watford fire station and Garston fire station.

The fire investigation concluded that the fire was an electrical accident.

The fire at the Pond Post Office is a reminder of the importance of fire safety. The Post Office has said that they will be working with the building’s owner to implement additional fire safety measures to prevent a similar incident from happening in the future.

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