New Cinch Self-Storage to Open Soon as deadline date nears


New Cinch Self-Storage to Open Soon as deadline date nears

Cinch Self Storage UK, a new self-storage company, is looking to be delayed behind its expected opening date in the summer of 2023.

The New Store in North Watford (video WatNews)

The company’s website still lists the location as open and has a phone number that does not answer but goes to BT Voicemail.

Final work continues ahead of opening soon (image WatNews)

The company announced on social media “We are so excited to announce that our new store in WATFORD is opening soon! Stay tuned”. Our recent visit confirmed the site interior of the facility has still to be finished.

cinch storage side entrance (image WatNews)

Door trims and flooring appear to be incomplete, and there are skips full of construction debris on one side of the building. Outside, workmen were seen drilling through a wall.

The delay in the opening of Cinch Storage UK is a setback for the company, which is hoping to compete with established self-storage companies like Big Yellow and Safestore. The self-storage market is growing in the UK, and Cinch Storage UK is one of several new companies that have entered the market in recent years. However, the delay could give these established companies an advantage, as they will have more time to attract customers.

It remains to be seen when Cinch Storage UK will open on time. However, the delay is a reminder of the challenges that businesses are facing in the current economic climate. Supply chain issues and labour shortages are causing problems for businesses of all sizes, and self-storage companies are no exception.

The company has also announce they we will be opening other stores in the following areas:

Southend – Opening Q4 2023

Woking – Opening Q4 2023

Seaford – Opening Q4 2023

Haverhill – Opening 2023/24

Swindon – Opening 2024

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