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Police at House with Immigrant Housing Graffiti Banner

Immigrant Housing Sign put up on house on the day of the EU Referendum Vote.


LidDem Dorothy Thornhill ““We have no confidence of who’s in our country” says LibDem Mayor Dorothy Thornhill”

UKIP “mass uncontrolled immigration from Europe, which has fundamentally changed large parts of our nation.”

The Watford observer reported that “London councils are moving families into south west Hertfordshire and increasing the pressure on the housing market.
More than 200 homeless families in Watford and 55 in Three Rivers have been forced to stay in bed and breakfasts, hotels and homes in Harlow, Slough and Luton this year while wait for a property to become available in their home districts.”

Police came at mid-day to remove the banner..

Who did it and was any inside information given out. Was it residents or a random political statement.

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