Spice Girls Spiceworld Exhibition Tour comes to Watford

Spice Girls Spiceworld Exhibition Tour comes to Watford

To coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the Spice Girls hit single, Wannabe, Watford Colosseum is proud to host an exhibition dedicated to the 90’s pop phenomenon The Spice Girls.

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Spiceworld: The Exhibition celebrates the story of how Sporty, Baby, Scary, Posh and Watford’s own Ginger became the most successful girl group of all time and enjoyed phenomenal global success. The basis for the exhibition is the Guinness World Record breaking collection of artist and curator Liz West, who is the foremost collector of Spice Girls memorabilia and merchandise in the world. The collection has been given a special seal of approval – by Scary Spice, Mel B herself – “I really hope that everyone will like this exhibition. It is truly an honour to have such an extensive collection of our past be brought out for everyone to enjoy.”


Spiceworld: The Exhibition opens in Geri’s hometown, Watford, on 7 July and runs through to 7 August. The exhibition will be open during Watford Colosseum’s standard opening hours, Mon – Sat 12pm – 4pm and 2 hours before a performance. The exhibition is free to attend and tickets do not need to be purchased in advance.

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